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Hiya -- Not sure whether this question belongs in repair or products, but here goes: My house is old, like me. It has iron or possibly steel water pipes. (Yes, I know ... but I can't afford re-piping expenses right now). The vertical pipe that supplies water to one of your basic-type outdoor water faucets developed a small crack. It is high up on the threads, very close to the elbow joint. Because of either the rust or the proximity to the elbow joint, no fixes I've tried have worked (epoxy, tape, clamps). So I'm tempted to just cut the thing off and cap it. - PROBLEM: I can't stop this week-long leak. And if I take a hacksaw to it, what's left will be unthreaded. Since the pipe is already cracked, I don't dare try cutting threads into it. It seems there are no simple rubber or plastic push-fit things that are made to hold normal water pressure in iron or steel pipes. - PIPE CONDITION: I'd describe it like this ... If I could remove this 2-ft length of pipe and bonk someone over the head, they would take a short nap. On the other hand, if I tried to hang from the Empire State Building by it, I would take a long nap. So I don't know what the heck to do. If anyone here knows how to either stop a leak in, or easily cap off, this rusted pipe, I could sure use the help.
Category: Plumber Post By: DANIEL ANDERSON (Rockville, MD), 07/17/2016

Is there any way to upload any photos? From what it sounds like, you should be able to replace a few galvanized parts, but I can't fully visualize what you're trying to explain.

- JULIO MCKINNEY (Rialto, CA), 09/08/2017

you need a dresser coupling but, hold on a damn minute, stuff you gotta know, you can use a pvc dressor on cold water, but have to use a metal one on hot water cut your pipe, install the dressor, and a nipple and cap BUT> WARNING >>. a dressor WILL jump off the pipe,. they are used in the middle of a run. SO

- KATIE CONTRERAS (Noblesville, IN), 09/25/2017

Thank you guys for your help and for your fast responses! @shadow Ok, below is a picture. (The crack is not visible, but it is vertical and about .5 in long.) Also, I'd prefer to stop the leak without adding any more galvanized anything. @Frodo I looked up Dressor couplings, and I check this out. Since all we are doing is cutting and plugging a pipe, is it crazy to think of simply tamping down a tapered rubber plug, like the one pictured in this link? I know it's not code and that the water pressure would have to be taken into consideration. I'm just trying to get by until the weather improves without being crippled by the water bill.

- PHYLLIS RUSSELL (Minneapolis, MN), 09/27/2017

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