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I am planning to move the kitchen sink to an adjacent wall. My question is about routing the drain. To tie in to the existing drain connection in the wall, I will have to run the plumbing after the trap 90 degrees, about 3 feet behind a cabinet, another 90 degrees, then about 12 inches to finally meet the drain at another 90 degree connection. I have enough vertical drop for good drainage, but I'm worried that the distance and multiple turns might be a problem or against code in NJ. Do you think this will work, or can you suggest other options?
Category: Plumber Post By: JOHNNIE CHANDLER (Yuba City, CA), 01/19/2017

After your p-trap your drain is only allowed 135 degrees of change before you hit your vent. Your plan has you over that. You also can only be 6 feet from your vent, so measure your distance there. Post a picture of your current set up and we will see what other options you have.

- CASSANDRA SWANSON (Rochester, MN), 09/03/2017

Thanks for your reply, it took me a while to get the photos, attached in .jpg format. The front view shows the existing plumbing where I have removed the cabinets. The vent is directly above the drain connection. You see a wall to the left. The side view shows it a little better. This is where I would like to move the sink, underneath the window. It is an outside block wall of a basement apartment so there is no chance of adding another vent there. Any way I can do this?

- MARVIN VARGAS (The Colony, TX), 09/18/2017

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