Forum Title: Possible heat thief in apartment building? Can someone below me turn down my heat?
Hi guys I'm in a little bit of trouble and thought this plumbing forum would be the best place to ask my question to get help. So heres the scoop like the title says I would like to know if the neighbour below me in my 5 story apartment can somehow turn down my rad. Basically my building is famous for having extra toasty, tropical climate weather type apartments in the winters which is how mine was like for Oct and Nov then one day I heard 15 very loud clangs my rad was shaking and then I can hear trickling then the heat went gone. Well not gone, gone but significantly reduced. Before I use to control my heat by opening the windows to cool off now I use the oven at times to warm the place. When I saw my super and told him he said people are not allowed to do that but my property manager says that it isn't possible. Can someone tell me if this is possible and how it can be done I'm in a one bedroom with a rad in the living room and one in the bedroom. So is my property manager full of it because I already basically called out the guy underneath me and told them he turned me down. Also I've been told I'm the only heat complaint in the building when I look out my window every single other apartment has there windows always open. So what do yoi guys think?
Category: Plumber Post By: TANYA PARK (Rancho Cordova, CA), 07/14/2017

first thing first. look at your radiator, find an air bleed valve. crack it open see if your heater is air bound.

- KATRINA REESE (Lewisville, TX), 09/08/2017

Ok I will do that. I don't have a flathead but I will try get one tommorow and check and take pics, thanks for respnding.

- RAMONA MANNING (Kannapolis, NC), 10/15/2017

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