Forum Title: Problems getting full hot water
Hello, I have a somewhat strange problem. I own a single floor, 1250SF home built on a slab in Florida. In the master bedroom bath mostly, if I turn on the faucet to full hot I get warm only. If I leave it running and go to the tub 5 feet away and turn it on full hot for 3 to 5 seconds, the faucet water turns hot. I get the same issue in other rooms to a lesser degree.I have even tried shutting the cold supply off altogether and still only get warm. I have replaced the faucet with no change. Can anyone point me in the right direction with this.
Category: Plumber Post By: LORRAINE DAY (Davis, CA), 08/01/2016

It sounds as though you have cold water crossing into the hot water system somewhere. Start with Frodo's suggestion, and we can walk you through it from there.

- JUNE DELGADO (Attleboro, MA), 09/05/2017

OK, I tried what you said and shut off the hot water tank. I still got water flow from every faucet in the house on the hot side. They are all single control valves.

- WILLIE BARKER (Oklahoma City, OK), 09/24/2017

go to your watr heater. turn off the valve go to all yuour faucets, one at a time and see if you have water on the hot side

- LENA HIGGINS (Erie, PA), 10/09/2017

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